We all very well understand the importance of advertising and digital marketing for the success of any business. Then, what about Retargeting Ads? What exactly is this Retargeting Ads concept?

Today only 2% of the visitors buy products or convert on their first visit to the website. Then what about the rest, 98%? Simple, they all leave without converting or buying. There may be several reasons for this; people might not be ready to buy or want to check more options. Then comes the actual question, how can we bring visitors back to our website? This is where the Retargeting campaign comes into the picture. 

Retargeting is a powerful Online Marketing strategy for businesses to stay connected with their customers. Running an engaging retargeting ads campaign is very crucial. Sunlight IT provides interesting and attractive Retargeting Ads.

About Retargeting Ads     

Retargeting is a marketing technique that targets your website visitors. Using this strategy, businesses can put their brand ads before visitors while they visit other pages or websites. This approach creates brand awareness, keeps your brand in the minds of visitors, and increases website traffic. When customers are aware of the brand, it builds trust and increases the chances of sales and conversion. 

Retargeting campaigns can be done using several advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn, etc. Retargeting can be done in two different ways using Pixel-based and List based. 

Pixel-based retargeting uses JavaScript code and tracks, website visitors. These cookies display specific ads on retargeting platforms based on visitors search results on the business website. 

List-based retargeting is another form where businesses already have a list of existing customers. Retargeting platforms use this list of addresses and place these kind of ads just to them. 

Retargeting is an effective and perfect long-term digital marketing strategy. Using this, businesses can promote their best-selling products, new collections and other promotional details with their customers and visitors. 

Why is Retargeting Ads important?   

It is essential for every business, and it offers several benefits like  

  • Promotes Branding: As discussed earlier, retargeting ads are a great way to improve brand awareness. By keeping your business ads in front of your visitors in different platforms, this strategy increases brand awareness. 
  • Generate sales and conversion: With this strategy, businesses can target new visitors and existing customers. Retargeting encourages customers to return to the website, nurture leads, and increase conversions. Brand awareness also builds trust among the people and generates sales. 
  • Reach interested customers: People who initially visit your website are interested in your business products and services. But they may not purchase due to some reasons. With this strategy, businesses can reach such interested customers and keep them aware of your new collections, offers etc.
  • Cost-effective: With retargeting, businesses can focus on customers more likely to buy. By increasing conversion rate, retargeting gets you maximum ROI. Companies can get maximum return from every penny they have spent on ads. 
  • Gain insights: With retargeting, a business can understand where the maximum percentage of retargeting conversions is done. This data of current and previous retargeting campaigns guides the businesses and helps attract more traffic in the future.

Why Choose Sunlight IT

Sunlight IT, is one of the leading Web Development and Web designing company in Hyderabad. Team of Sunlight IT plan strategic Retargeting ads, and help companies make the most out of their investment. We also offer several other result driving digital marketing strategies like SEO, Branding, Lead generation etc.