Cloud Clinic Software is a type of application that maintains, converts the raw data into digital form. That the clinic management can easily maintain, monitor the patient data of appointment, consult. Payments record under the fingertips of hospital/clinical management and doctor. Cloud Clinic Software is termed as Homeopathy hospital management or Homeopathic clinic software.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a method of natural health care that has remained in worldwide practice for over 200 years. It reviews a person as a unique individual to stimulate their healing capacity. This approved by the World Health Organization as the second-highest healing system in the world. It is most familiar in India, South America, and over 30th million in Europe.

It is an alternative healing method that uses nano-doses of an effective component. To help treat a disease if the active component one offering to the sickness in the initial point.

The vital elements used in homoeopathy are plant, animal, or mineral-based. Usually used components incorporate fresh or dried herbs, activated charcoal, vinegar, garlic, caffeine, and stinging nettle plants. Dynamic components from these substances are derived and processed into tablets, ointments, gels, and drops.

Why Homeopathy is mythical?

Homoeopathy has achieved widespread acceptance. A recent study conducted by IMRB revealed that 59% of people in larger cities have turned from allopathy, where 77% of people consider it to be a healthy remedy for long term benefits

It is one of the fastest-growing fields of medication. Which achieve in treating chronic disorders asthma, allergies, migraines and ulcers.

Its medication is natural and harmless to use across all age groups. It is cost-effective and can be used alongside allopathy or any other practice of medicine.

Treats the root symptoms of the illness temporarily. The remedy is provided to each individual. The practitioner selects medicines based on the comprehensive history profile of a patient, including their lifestyle, emotional and mental states, and physical condition. A single medicine should cover all the symptoms that afflict the patient that can produce long-term benefits.

What is Cloud Homeopathy Clinic Management Software?

Cloud Klinic Software is one of the core products of Sunlight IT Software Solutions. Which was developed with the intention and spirit to provide software where a hospital or a clinic centre can easily manage, monitor, process, and follow-up the patient data with stress-free.

It had the characteristic of maintaining the medical records in the form of digital data in a systematic method.

We have developed the Cloud Clinic Management Software to provide a pleasing solution. The management of the hospital, clinic centre to keep on tracking of the patent’s data regarding inquiries, appointments, visits, Doctor Consultation, and payments from the initial to ending stage of the treatment.

The administrative department can easily follow up with their patients who are regularly or frequently visiting the hospital or the clinic centre. Not only patient data it has the capability of maintaining the employee data in an easy and compressive manner.

Why to use Best Homeopathy Clinic CRM?

We have developed the Cloud Clinic CRM that will be the solution for the minor issue raised for the doctor, management of the hospital or clinic centre. Below are the points will be discussing on how it is going to be the best solution.

1. Cost-effective:-

Cloud Clinic Software has no investment, you can use it directly on multiple systems. This feature made it an independent flatform. data is backup at each instant. It is adaptable to single or multiple branches.

2. Adding and Deletion:-

The addition of the employee to the branch is made easy where the employee can be assigned to multiple branches and the information can be maintained with no effort. Deleting the data regarding inactive branches and employees is made easy by Cloud Klinic Software.

3. Tracking:-

The front desk department of the hospital can easily assign and keep on tracking data regarding the inquiry, visit, appointments and doctor consult.

4. Consultations:-

Doctors can concentrate on the patient with a stress-free and peaceful mind. The feature of maintaining the medical records of the patient from the initial to end-stage of treatment.

5. Payments:-

Different types of payment modes are maintained through cheque payments. Where you can enter details of multiple cheques at a single time. different payments are done through the patient.

6. compressive statistic reporting system:-

The administrative or calling department of a hospital or a clinic centre can easily follow up the patient and we are going to maintain. Different sort of reports based on various conditions like the details of the patient who have visited?

7. Achievement:-

Through homeopathy clinic software the hospital management, clinic centre or a doctor can easily view their performance report based on individual doctor performance or else state and branch-wise performance report. They can easily maintain, monitor, and track the performance of various aspects.

8. Switching of branches:-

Employees who belong to multiple branches can switch from one branch to other branches easily without a login.

What are the features of homeopathy clinic software?

1. Comprehensive patient Information.

2. Feasible Appointment Slot

3. Patient Status Tracking.

4. Systematic Doctor schedule.

5. Doctor consult fee.

6. Patient Registration.

7. Meticulous Examine patient Overview.

8. Analytic statistics of patient payments.

9. Patient Follow-up.