About plug in

Word press recommended posts plug in is used to display the list of recommended posts to the users based on the categories of posts viewed by the users. Sunlight IT presents you the most superior recommended posts plug in which allows admin to display list of recommended posts on website by using user data. The list is displayed based on the highest post viewed by user from starting onwards.

Why this plug in?

Although several recommended posts plug ins are available now a days, but Sunlight IT recommended posts plug in is unique and different from them. This is because we exclude current post, recent posts and related posts from the list of recommended post. By doing this, we aim to provide unique results to the users. We aim to provide most suitable recommended posts based on the individual user categories i.e. based on the database of individual user. We track user data by using user IP browser plug in. This user IP browser plug in helps to find out details about users visiting your website like user IP address, browser details and also details about the pages and posts they have seen. This plug in collects information of individual users which varies from one another and by using this data we display the most suitable list of recommended posts to each individual. By providing this list you can grasp attention of your users and keep them engaged on your site for long periods.


Recommended posts plug in offered by Sunlight IT is bestowed with few outstanding features like

  • Allow you to set title, URL & Thumb URL- This word press recommended posts plug in allows you to set title, URL and Thumb URL for all the recommended posts.
  • Display thumbnails, with customizable size- This is the most useful feature of recommended posts plug in, this allows admin to display thumbnails in the customizable sizes and alignments.
  • Exclude Current post in the recommended posts list- Sunlight IT recommended posts plug in excludes current post from the list of recommended posts to avoid duplicates and to provide relevant posts.
  • Exclude recent posts list from recommended posts- Recommended posts plug in by Sunlight IT provides the unique recommended list to the users by excluding the recent posts from the list.
  • Exclude related posts list of recommended posts- It also excludes related posts list from the recommended lists to avoid repetition and to provide quick access to the recommended posts.